There’s no money in business

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Start-ups

I really began learning about business when I was launching Petroglyph: writing business plans and talking to VCs… and I noticed something that really stuck over the years. No one uses the word “money” when talking about business. I’ve re-read a bunch of business plans, and I don’t know if they teach this is BSchool somewhere, but as far as I can tell, there is no money in business.

There’s Capital. Profit. Loss. Income. There’s Equity. Cash. Wealth. Funds. Earnings. Wages. Stock, of course. Sometimes even Currency. Notes.

You could go through a hundred business plans, and no one ever uses the “m” word.

It’s such a conspicuous absence, i wonder if it’s a joke. Maybe in my next plan I should push it. Start using other terms: wampum, greenbacks, dough, lettuce, moolah, bread, gelt, or, you know, scratch.

Anyway (and I really hope I’m wrong on this one) there is no money in business.


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