This is how we roll…

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

People ask me all the time: “What’s it like at a start-up?”

I’ve only been in a few, so my experience is limited, but they are always idiosyncratic: each pretty unique. At Sonic Solutions there were four of us in a little apartment in the Sunset District in San Francisco. Thick cables ran down the hallway past the kitchen, connecting the workstation we set up (we had only one) to the Sun server in the first bedroom. I remember that the freezer was packed full of frozen burritos and we had day shifts and night shifts to keep the workstation running all the time. It was 1987.

It’s nicer today. Look at us all, each with a supercomputer on our laps… The days are unusually long, but it never quite feels like it because its so not-officish, it’s so homey… My dog Bodhi joined the team (advisor, mostly) which was a nice comic element to throw in the mix. And there we are, working away in the heat of the day. It wasn’t a meeting – but it was beautiful outside and we all found ourselves hanging out for awhile. We did notice that even sitting around each other working, we still Skyped back and forth; it was silent out there, except for the clicking of keys, but you could hear everyone’s voices in your head while typing. It reminded me of a Star Trek episode (the original seasons) where a race of telepathic beings were doing stuff to Kirk, et al. We were like those telepathic beings. Bodhi was Kirk.


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